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Your Favourite ION Scent Now In Laundry Pods

Magical Washing Experience Delivered To Your Doorstep Sustainably From Just $13.90.

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What Makes Kapsa Pods Magical?

1. Experience Luxury Fragrance With Every Wash.

2. Powerful Detergent That Cleans To Perfection.

3. Cute Paw-Shaped Pods Designed For Extra Fun.

4. Laundry Made Easy, Just Toss Pods In & Start Wash.

5. While Sustainably Eliminating Single-Use Plastics.

Shop Magic Pods™

Why Choose Kapsa's Magic Pods™?

1. Magical

Abracadabra! We've combined Pristine's award-winning Himalayan Tea scent & Kapsa's 10in1 detergent formulation into a cleaning experience that is truly magical.

2. Remarkable

Kapsa's magic pods clean like magic. Eliminating 99% bacteria, stains and dust mites while protecting colours. Low suds formulation to save water & reduce residue that is skin sensitive.

3. Sustainable

Kapsa's magic pods are stored in recycled water-proof cardboard that child-safe. Our mission is to eliminate single-use plastics, ensuring the sustainability of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Feel The Magic..

Kapsa was born from boring household chores - uninspiring trips to the supermarket & generic detergent products that all look, smell and feel the same. The magic was lacking...

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