Feel The Magic..

Ever found yourself stuck choosing generic detergent products that looked, smelled and felt the same? We've been there too, a seemingly boring weekly routine that had to be overcome.


If only buying detergent and doing laundry could be more exciting - a challenge we decided to take up ourselves. Hence, we founded Kapsä with the mission to bring magical excitement into everyday chores.

Our Core Values

3 Values That Guide Our Brand & Product Design

1. Magical

Every Kapsa product has to evoke a magical feeling - how it looks, smells, & feels. Like going to DisneyLand.

2. Remarkable

We are in the cleaning business and we believe that cleaning strength is first and foremost. The efficacy of our cleaning products must be of industry leading standards.

3. Sustainable

We all have to do our part for this planet. We built Kapsa's sustainability strategy around the elimination of single-use plastics.

So.. Who Exactly is Kapsa?

The Backstory Of How This Magical Capybara Came To Be...

The Origin

Once upon a time, an enchanted Capybara named Kapsä escaped from the magical zoo.


Her reality of life outside the zoo was nothing like what she dreamt about while she was held in captive.

vs Reality

Families were living ordinary, careless and dull lives. Going to work and coming home to mundane household chores. Rinse and repeat. 

A New Beginning

Wth the magical power in her paws, Kapsä decides to make a difference. 

Thus begins her journey - a quest to bring magic into the lives of everyone, one family at a time.

The First Of Her Creation..

Laundry Day Is Kapsa's Favourite Activity In Magical Zoo. Kapsa uses her paws to turn ordinary laundry detergent pods into magical ones.

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